Monday, April 30, 2012

Buying our first property in Klang Valley


Owning a house is everyone dream. But with the soaring price of property is it still possible to find a landed house below RM450K in Klang Valley? Yes, is possible and we found it.

Since we had decided to buy our own property early this year, we didn't put much effort into it until March. Once Mr. B started surfing the 'iproperty' and 'thinkproperty' website, we realized that the property price had escalated ridiculously high and we were beginning to worry we might not be able to own a double storey terrace house.

After bouncing to and fro between the two property website, we found 'thinkproperty' is more user-friendly and had more listing within our budget. The month of April appeared to be a busy month for us with all the house viewing and disappointment either with the house condition or the house direction. We were hoping to find a cornet lot so that our dogs can have more space to run and we can even do some gardening.

We found ourselves a few great deals actually, but there were reasons as to why these houses came cheap

  1. Corner lot at Kota Kemuning - RM430K, but next to a TNB power station. If fact most Kota Kemuning, Greeville still goes at approximately RM420K.

  2. Corner lot at Berjaya Hill - RM420K, but facing West direction and also a school backyard

  3. Puncak Jalil - RM400K, bad reputation due to being incomplete Talam project, but the houses here at later phases were completed by IJN.

  4. TTDI Jaya - RM420K, few years ago they experience serious flood due to the location near the river, but after some upgrading works, they didn't have any problem with flood now.
If you had experience house hunting before, you realized that while you were taking a few days to consider the houses that you had viewed, the houses were being sold off at the same moment. This happened to us a few times, whereby we called up the agent to negotiate the price but was told that the unit was no longer available. Even with soaring prices of the property, they still sell like hot cakes. We need to act fast.

On the 29 April 2012, we went to viewed a fully furnish double storey terrace at Seksyen 36, Shah Alam with listing price of RM358K. I am a little sceptical on fully furnish unit because most of the time the furniture is not suitable for your taste and you are going to change them anyway. However, we were surprised to find the house at its tip-top condition, the paint was still good as new and the best part is the big bathroom with jacuzzi. The house measure at 22 x 80 and facing north direction. Although is not a cornet lot that we hope for, we were very happy we found this unit. After a 2 hours of consideration, we called the agent and negotiated the price down to RM348K. We met up to pay the 3% earnest deposit on the same day.

Deciding on a house is only the first step towards owning our first home. There are still a lot more work to be done from now onwards.

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