Thursday, March 8, 2012

Rainwater by Sandra Brown

Rainwater by Sandra Brown

The year is 1934. With the country in the stranglehold of drought and economic depression, Ella Barron runs her Texas boardinghouse with an efficiency that ensures her life will be kept in balance. Between chores of cooking and cleaning for her residents, she cares for her ten-year-old son, Solly, a sweet but challenging child whose misunderstood behavior finds Ella on the receiving end of pity, derision, and suspicion. When David Rainwater arrives at the house looking for lodging, he comes recommended by a trusted friend as "a man of impeccable character." But Ella senses that admitting Mr. Rainwater will bring about unsettling changes.

However, times are hard, and in order to make ends meet, Ella's house must remain one hundred percent occupied. So Mr. Rainwater moves into her house...and impacts her life in ways Ella could never have foreseen.

The changes are echoed by the turbulence beyond the house walls. Friends and neighbors who've thus far maintained a tenuous grip on their meager livelihoods now face foreclosure and financial ruin. In an effort to save their families from homelessness and hunger, farmers and cattlemen are forced to make choices that come with heartrending consequences.

The climate of desperation creates a fertile atmosphere for racial tensions and social unrest. Conrad Ellis -- privileged and spoiled and Ella's nemesis since childhood -- steps into this arena of teeming hostility to exact his vengeance and demonstrate the extent of his blind hatred and unlimited cruelty. He and his gang of hoodlums come to embody the rule of law, and no one in Gilead, Texas, is safe. Particularly Ella and Solly.

In this hotbed of uncertainty, Ella finds Mr. Rainwater a calming presence. She is moved by the kindness he shows other boarders, Solly...and Ella herself. Slowly, she begins to rely on his soft-spokenness, his restraint, and the steely resolve of his convictions.

From acclaimed bestselling author Sandra Brown comes a powerfully moving novel celebrating the largess and foresight of a great bygone generation. It tells a story that bears witness to a bittersweet truth: that love is worth whatever price one must pay for it.


Sandra Brown is well-known for her romantic suspense, so this book is an absolute surprise. I can't believe is written by Brown.

The story has not big mystery to solve or action. Just a great story telling about the dying man, Mr. Rainwater and how he changes Ella's and her son, Solly's life. Although he is suffering from a fatal illness, he spent every moment he left doing great things for the people around him. He is such a captivating character and I feel so emotional throughout the story.

Ella's son, Solly, suffered from autism, and during that era, many people mistreated him. Only Rainwater manage to communicate with Solly and sometimes Ella can't help by feeling bad about herself as the mother.

I think I shed a few tears throughout the story. The love between Rainwater and Ella is so poignant and heartfelt. What do you do when you fall for someone you know who is dying? The ending is so meaningful and bittersweet at the same time.


In order to save his mum, Solly committed a murder, and Rainwater step in to take the blame. He died in the end. But since I read this book last year, I forgotten whether he died in prison due to his illness or he was executed. After he died, Rainwater left his fortune to Ella and Solly and this make their lives turn around for the better. The bittersweet moment is when we found out this entire story was told by Rainwater and Ella's son. A son he sired before he died. 

Rating 5/5