Monday, October 17, 2011

What's Your Number? (2011)

Director : Mark Mylod
Stars : Anna Faris and Chris Evans
Rating : 3/5
Summary : 

Ally Darling (Anna Faris) came across an article titled "What's your number?" while sitting in the subway after being fired from her marketing role. Initially, I thought the movie title is referring to phone number. Instead, its referring to the number of men you had slept with. According to the article the average number in US is 10.5. Ally was stunned that after calculating, her number is 19. 

During one of the girls night out together with her soon-to-be-bride sister, Daisy, and friends, Ally suggest to play a game by writing down each person respective number and guess who that number belongs to. Later on, Ally felt so embarrassed that she got the highest number and felt like a slut. One of her friend pointed out that according to a research, once a person passed the number 20, she won't be able to get married. Therefore, Ally now determined that she will save her last number, only for the man that she truly love. However, after several drinks, she woke up to find out that her ex-bos became her number 20. 

While in the cake house accompanying her sister to choose a wedding cake. Ally bumps into one of her exes and found out that the man had turned into a prince charming, only to be disappointed that he was there to choose a wedding cake too. Thus, this gives Ally an idea to track down all her exes, so that she doesn't need to go past the number 20. She got helped from her flirty neighbour Colin Shea (Chris Evans) by agreeing to let him hide out in her apartment in order to ditch away his sleepover girlfriends.

Spoiler : 

Colin successfully tracked down all her 19 exes, some who are married, some migrated, while those who are still singles, Ally will meet them up. However, all turns out to be disastrous in one way or another. The last exes, is Jake and Colin tried to hide the fact that he had found him from Ally. Only later to be confronted by Ally and they got into an argument. Finally, she met Jake, who turned out to be successful, rich, handsome and who wanted to be with her. Ally brought Jake to her sister wedding much to their mother's delight of showing him around. During Ally's toast for her sister, she found out how much she actually like being with Colin because she can be herself, instead of acting being right in front of Jake. Later, Ally tracked down Colin playing with his band at one of the wedding downtown and confessed to him, 'I love you, 21". 

The ending scene showed Ally received a call from one of her exes, he claimed that they had never sleep together before. So as it turns out, Colin is her number 20 after all. 

Review : 

This romantic comedy is fun for its own genre. Imagine finding out how all your exes turn out after all these years and Ally trying hooked up back with them. Colin happens to be the guy next door who helped Ally tracked down all her exes, while at the same time trying to seduce her. I can assure you there are many laugh out loud moment. However, there aren't much character development here and after both of them ended up together, I'm not convinced that they gonna be happily ever after.

Plot 3/5
E value 4/5
Rating 3/5