Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Krabi Trip : Day 4

Our trip had finally came to an end. Even before we board the plane, we have already starting to feel a bit depressed about the whole idea of going back to work.

Breakfast with bacon
Have I already mentioned that our breakfast serves bacon? This one of the main reason we chose this hotel. I think we both have overdosed of bacon during this 3 days. We also ate a bowl of cococrunch with milk without failed every morning.

Mr. B showcasing his customized mini burger
Before we have to pack and check out. We did another round of photoshoot in our room with our souvenirs and newly bought matching T-shirts. After that, we dragged our luggage to our new friend, KC's hotel and shared a taxi with them to the airport for 400 Bhatt. Bye Bye Krabi.

Our matching T-shirts, 200 Bhat each

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