Monday, October 10, 2011

Krabi Trip : Day 2 Phi Phi Island Tour

We will be joining the Phi Phi Island 1 Day Tour today. After having our breakfast and start waiting for the driver to pick us up at 8.30am, he failed to show up until almost 9.30am. Restless Mr. B called to check them up for 3 times. Our group consist of 25 person (if I didn't count wrongly), 8 from Malaysia, including us, 2 from India and the rest Caucasians. While we were waiting to board the speedboat, we came across the same couple who took the Shuttle Bus with us yesterday. We introduced ourselves, and start exchanging numbers. They guy named KC, but I can't remember the woman's name. Maybe Mr. B can recalled. Is human nature that we tend to only remember opposite sex names, right? They suggested that we should share a taxi back to the airport on Tuesday, which we happily agreed.

Boarding the speed boat for Phi Phi Island Tour

Our first destination is the Bamboo Island, where we given 45 minutes to swim and sun bath by the beach. Our next stop is Lohsamah Bay and Maya, which quite similar to Bamboo Island, but with washroom available and we can walk around within the island. Our tour guide informed us that Maya Bay was the film location for Leonardo DiCaprio's 'The Beach'. We haven't watch the movie yet, therefore was unable to find any intimate resemblance of any kind.

Bamboo Island Beach
Then we were brought to Viking Cave for some sightseeing. There are people actually staying in the cave itself, looking after the caves and hunting for bird nest at the same time. We then make a pit stop at Phi Phi Don for our lunch break. As we need to head back to the pier at 2pm, we didn't have enough time to finish exploring the entire Phi Phi Don, which is full of shops selling food and souvenir. We swear that on our next trip to Krabi we will just take a direct speedboat to Phi Phi Don and shop the whole day without any time limit (and cash limit).

Phi Phi Don's Street
Our last stop, is Hin Klarng where we started our snorkelling activities. There are some fishes and corals, but not comparable to those we saw in Redang or Perhentian.

The tour guide showing us a sea urchin
We reached back our hotel at 5pm, feeling all tired and exhausted from the long day. But right after we washed up and rested, we continue to take a stroll down the street for some food and souvenir again. Nothing like a shopping can gives me a burst of new energy.

Ao Nang Night Street

We can't recalled how far we had walked, but we almost came to an end of all the endless shops and found this Ao Nang Meeting Point Plaza. It resembles Malaysia pasar malam, but with a public gambling area where you can place your bets. I wonder why Mr. B didn't take of photo of it. Argg!! We also came across a man selling fried WORMS and COCKROACHES!! They looks really crispy, but we are not brave enough to try.

Fried worms and cockroaches at Ao Nang Meeting Point Plaza
After scouting through all the foods available around Ao Nang, we personally felt that the BBQ chicken thigh at the hawker selling at 50 Bhatt is the yummiest of them all.

BBQ Chicken Drumstick