Tuesday, November 1, 2011

In Time (2011)

In Time
Director : Andrew Niccol
Stars : Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried
Rating : 3.5/5
Summary :

The story set in the future, whereby human stop aging at the age of 25. Wow! Isn't that a dream come true for all of us? Only that the green digital clock on your arm starts to count down and you can live for another year. In order to prolong your life, you need to earn the time. Time had become the new currency to replace paper money. Surprisingly the time can be transfer between 2 person as easy as holding each other arm. This contributed to the daily robbery that happen so often in the ghetto. They can embedded digital clock on your arm, but can't have better security system.

Will Salas (Justin Timberlake) lives in the ghetto among the poor with his mother. Everyday they worried about the limited time on their clock and Will worked in a factory earning few hours per day. One day, he came across Henry Hamilton in a local bar, showing off his 100 years clock to the public. The local mob tried to initiate a fight with Henry to win over his time, only to be saved by Will.

The digital clock on forearm clicking off the time left in your life
Henry told Will that he had already lived over a century and he had enough. He felt that people are not meant to live forever. The next morning, Will wake up to find out Henry had transferred all his time to him and  committed suicide. This lead to the beginning of the chase after Will to take the time away from him.

Spoiler :

Will can't believe his luck and he can't wait to share the news with his mother. On the other hand, his mother with less than 2 hours remaining was denied access on the bus because the price had gone up to 2 hours. She tried to run as fast as she can to meet up with her son before the times run out. Will noticed that her mother didn't board the bus that arrived and suspect that something might had happened. He ran down the streets only to find that his mother was also running towards him. However, by the time he caught his mother, her time had run out and she passed away in the arm of his grief-stricken son. This is the most dramatic scene in the movie that worth mentioning.

With all the time that he have now, Will travelled across the time zone towards the city where the rich resides without an apparent motive that I know of. He went to the casino and win in a gamble with the bank merchant, Weis. He was cordially invited to their party and this is when the police aka 'Time Keeper", who believe Will killed Henry Hamilton for his time, came to arrest him. In order to flee, Will kidnap the heiress, Sylvia Weis (Amanda Seyfried). From here onwards, they started to develop a romantic relationship, while still fleeing from the Time Keeper. Sylvia also started to understand how is Will's life in the ghetto, because she was born rich and never need to worried about her time. At one time, she suggested Will to rob her father bank of money to distribute to the poor. Only to find out that her father controlled all the goods pricing and simply increase an inflation.

When they confronted their father to steal away a million years from him, he told them giving money to the poor will make the system unbalance, there will be consequences. There was a scene in the ghetto whereby a man being killed because they now afford to buy guns. However, the story didn't explain about this issue. Will and Sylvia just continue to rob the banks till the ending scene. What the heck? 

Review : 

I highly anticipated this movie because I had always like science fiction theme. The human greed of chasing perfection and to stop aging at 25 seems perfect. Only that the rich can enjoy the luxury and live on forever, while the poor worried about when their lives will end every single day. The rich controlled the price for everything and inflation was induced to increase the rich fortune. This is comparable to current day society, only that our poor lives are not being threaten. 

However, the movie failed to develop after Will received a century of time. All he did was went over the rich time zone and kidnap the heiress. He rob the banks and gives to the poor ala Robin Hood style. But he didn't do anything to try to change the system that his people suffered in. The movie also didn't explain how the system was initiated and who was the creator. It started off great, but ended with a lot lacking.

Plot 3/4
E value 4/5
Rating 3.5/5