Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Langkawi Trip : Day 3 Island Hopping

Is Day 3 and we started our day with Island Hopping that promises great time at the beach. Our first stop is at the Lake of Pregnant Maiden. Before entering the lake, the boatman showed us the view of this famous island that resembled a pregnant lady from the outside.

Island of Pregnant Maiden

Upon stepping down from the boat, you will encounter many mischievous monkeys. Do beware of your belonging and try not to put your food or any plastic bag in view. We have to walk along the path for 10 minutes, before reaching the lake. At the lake, there are paddle boat for rent. We decided to give it a try as we never experience it before. The rental for the solar powered paddle boat cost RM30 for 30 minutes, while the manual paddle boat cost RM20. Being the frugal us, we decided to go for the cheaper option. The paddling is fun before the muscle ache set in the next day.  

Fresh Water Lake @ Pregnant Maiden Island
The boatman then brought us to Singa Besar Island for eagle feeding. He throwed in some chicken skin into the sea and a group of eagle starts circling around our boat. Although we loved the sight of this, we wonder will the authorities take action to control the feeding of the eagles.

Eagle watching @ Singa Besar Island
Finally, we stop at Beras Basah Island, the water level is low and beach is clean for a good swim. Thanks for the great weather. After an hour swimming and tanning, the tour ended.

Swimming @ Beras Basah Island
After cleaning off the salt water, we drove towards Kok Beach. On the journey, we passed by Habour Park, where beautiful yatchs are parked there.

Yachts @ Habour Park
After done dreaming of owning a yatchs, we headed to Oriental Park to ride the Cable Car. The ride cost RM15 after 5pm. Unfortunately, the hanging bridge is close for renovation until next year. What a major let-down. We even asked for a discount since their major attraction was closed, but to no avail. No harm asking though.

This Langkawi Cable Car hold the records of being the Longest Free Span Single Rope Cable Car in the world. We can imagine how scary it can be, especially the journey travelling down. Initially, we planned to wait for the sunset view, however, due to thick cloud that surround us, we gave up and headed down before the sunset.

Langkawi Cable Car
We then passed by Berjaya Resort and went to scout the area. There a hotel rooms as well as villas. We strolled at their private beach and cursed myself for not bringing my swim wear along.  

Jellyfish alert @  Berjaya Resort