Monday, September 5, 2011

Langkawi Trip : Day 2 Mangrove Tour

Early morning at 9am, we waited for the Mangrove tour agency to pick us up from the hotel. We were drove to the KILIM Geoforest Park and meet up with our tour guide Mr. Hisham and the rest of the tourist that joined our group. Our group consisted of tourists from Syria, Bangladesh, Mauritius and also Malaysia. That's the perk of enrolling in shared tour, whereby we had the opportunities to meet with people from all around the world.

Our mangrove tour group

Our first stop is the Bat Cave and Mr. Hisham took his time to explained to us about the mangrove species and the exotic trees around. The cave that opens to visitor is pretty small, but we still manage to get a peek at the fruit bats taking a nap while hanging on one feet.

Mr. Hashim sharing his stories of this mangro tree named Blind-your-eye
We then cruised along the swamp and on the way we saw a number of yachts were parked there. We head to Pak Su Fish Farm and were introduced to Pak Su, the owner of the fish farm. He is a very charming old man. He showed us the fishes he kept and keep persuading the shy tourists to pet his beloved stingray. The Archer fishes demonstration really made my day. I have not seen fishes that can spite out water so accurately as if they are professional in archery. I should have take a video of it, but we were to engrossed in the action and forgotten about it.

Pak Su Fish Farm
Our great day was spoilt by sudden heavy rain. Mr. Hisham reluctantly had to cancel one of the program, which is swimming by the beach. We had our lunch at one of the floating restaurant by the swamp. Nothing fancy, just chicken rice and orange juice. We ended the tour with eagle watching without the feeding as Mr. Hisham is an eco-friendly tour guide, who believes eagle feeding brings more harm than good. Tour guides often feed them with commercial chicken skin that can be detrimental to the eagles health.

After freshen up back at the hotel, we headed to our next destination, The Underwater World at Cenang Beach. The place is well-maintained despite being more than 15 years old. The entrance fee cost RM28 for Malaysian. As I mentioned earlier, we brought the ticket for RM25 from a tour agency at Jetty Point the day before. Getting good pictures in the indoor environment with low lighting proves to be a challenge, especially when you are not allowed to use any flash.

There are many souvenir shops right before you get to exit the place. We tried to refrain from buying any non-essential item, but finally gave in when we spotted three cute little ice globes with bears.

After that, we drove the Tanjung Rhu Beach and visited the Tanjung Rhu Resort. During our journey back, we manage to caught the magnificient sunset. Lastly, the day ended with a visit to the Night Market at Padang Matsirat.

Sunset @ Tanjung Rhu

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