Sunday, July 31, 2011

Captain America : The First Avenger (2011)

Captain America : The First Avenger
Director : Joe Johnstan
Stars : Chris Evan, Tommy Lee Jones, Hugo Weaving
Rating : 4/5

The story started with comic-book-villian Johann Schmidt aka 'Red Skull' (Hugo Weaving) terrorizing a village in order to obtain a powerful cube, which he believe can help him win the war. On the other part of the world, Steve Roger (Chris Evan), who unfortunately born weak and short, aspiring to be a soldier to help his country defeat the Nazi, was repeatedly rejected when he is trying to get enlist. Until one day, his determination was noticed by Dr. Abraham Erskine and the doctor approved his application. 

Colonel Chester (Tommy Lee Jones) was skeptical on Dr. Abraham choice of choosing the weak Steve Roger as the subject of his research that can transform one into a superhero. We were also introduced to Howard Stark, the father to Tony Stark aka 'Iron Man', who assist the military in research and weapon development. Upon finishing the procedure and Captain America is born, Dr. Abraham was killed by the Hydra who infiltrated their base.

The movie then proceed to how Captain America become an iconic feature in America to encourage rich to donate and people to join the army. Not until one day, when his best friend Bucky, who was believe got killed in a mission, Steve determine to make use of the power he has to help to defeat the Hydra.

Spoiler :

On Captain America first mission, he managed to save Bucky and a group of soldiers being captured from one of the Hydra's base. While he was there, he found a map of all the bases of Hydra and he memorized all the locations. From then on, their mission was to take down each base at a time. During one of the mission, Bucky was fell from a train and down the cliff. The grief that suffered by Steve make him even more determine to defeat Red Skull once and for all.

Peggy, who I believe is a Lieutenant, serves as Steve's love interest. Right before he is about the crash the plane, she make a date with him. Only that the plane was not discovered until 70 years later. Captain America woke up to find himself in the current New York city. This is when he met Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) and who told him what had happened. The last scene showed Steve Roger feeling regret that he had missed his date.

Review :

It might be due to highly anticipated hype and all, Captain America rises to my expectation of what I could expect from a superhero movie, but I'm not totally blown away. Chris Evan fits perfectly as Captain America giving enough charisma into the role. He did bulk up tremendously compare to what I remember him back in Fantastic 4. Hugo Weaving's ridiculous Red Skull looks exactly like a comic-book-villian and Tommy Lee Jones cracked up enough jokes for us to enjoy a laugh, the rest are pure action. I'm worried for upcoming Avenger's with so many characters thrown in together, whether it can live up to the likes of Iron Man and Captain America.

Plot 4/5
E value 5/5
Rating 4/5