Monday, April 18, 2011

Bali Trip : Day 5 Seminyak Street

Today is our last day in this amazing place, Bali. We continue to explore around the Seminyak Street and checking out the local mart and products. We even had lunch at the Made's Warong that was recommended by In the end, we reluctantly bid goodbye to Bali by paying our last visit to Kuta beach and spending time with the local dogs.

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Mr. B woke up really early to catch the sunrise by the beach, while I continue with my sweet dream on the bed. After getting myself ready at the wee hour of 10am, we began our long walk along Seminyak street. I decided this is the time to use up our remaining rupiah. We even went to the Seminyak Supermarket to buy some local products.
Seminyak Street at Kuta
We came across Made's Warong, which was recommended by a fellow blogger and decided to pop up. We ordered the famous Nasi Campur and drinks for 85, 000 rupiah.

Lunch at Made's Warong
We end our day by stopping at the Kuta Beach again and had a fun time with the local dogs. I wish Pacco is here with me. I'm sure she will enjoy the beach tremendously. After spending five days in Bali, we felt that Bali is such a great place with its friendly locals, handsome surfer dudes, adorable dogs and magnificent temple view. Even before we made our departure, we are sure this is the place we will visit again in the near future. 

Kuta Beach