Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thaipusam @ Batu Caves

Thaipusam @ Batu Caves
Although born as a local in the city center, this was my first visit to Batu Caves during Thaipusam to witness the devotee performing their ritual and trance. We reach at 6.30am and parked our car at the side of the highway almost 500 metre away from the entrance. Is highly advisable to park farer to avoid your car being blocked by others during later the day.

Elderly woman in trance


We tried to mingle into the middle of the crowd to get some close up shot. Initially we did experience some culture shocked, while being in close contact with some devotees who are in deep trance and with pierce all around their body. However, later on we got more relax and started enjoying being with the crowds.

I suppose Thaipusam is one of the best event to get these dramatic expression shots and we are fortunate to be able to experience this without having to travel far.