Sunday, January 2, 2011

KL Bird Park @ 2nd Jan

Located within the city center, the KL Bird Park is near the Lake Garden. In the near proximity, there are Orchid Garden and Butterfly Garden as well. The entrance fee to the Bird Park is Rm20 per adult. Do remember to bring along any Jusco card, if you have any, as you will be entitle for Rm5 discount.

Once we entered the free-flight walk-in aviary, the most stunning view that captured our attention is the male peacock opening up his colorful train. Without wasting any precious time, we tried to get the best capture before he get away. However, upon exploring the park, you will actually encounter them many times and is not even difficult to get to see them showing off their beauty. They seems to even enjoy the attention.

Indian Blue Peacock @ KL Bird Park
Right at the time when we reached the Flamingo Pond, it was the feeding time. Many of them flew across our heads to snatch the fishes thrown by the feeder.

Egret @ KL Bird Park
The visit was definitely worth it and the place is well maintained. Apart from the predator species, such as Hornbills and Eagles are being caged, most other birds are free to roam around the enclosed aviary. We would only like to comment on the condition of the pond that looks filthy and most of the Flamingo looks like they had been covered with dirt. It was a pity at the Feathered Friends Photo Booth, whereby the birds look handicap to me. The owl who was drop on the floor was incapable to even get himself up. And to the parents, please control your children and not let them chase after the free roaming birds.

Chick @ Nursery
We end our trip with a dessert at Hornbill Restaurant. The menu consist of an array of local and western cuisine with a steep price list, no doubt targeting the foreign tourists. The main attraction of the restaurant is that, there is a Hornbill loitering around the  outdoor dining space.

Rhinoceros Hornbill @ Hornbill Restaurant