Sunday, January 9, 2011

Kanching Waterfall V3

This is our 3rd trip to Kanching Waterfall and 1st time with Pro B. Due to its short journey (approximately 30 minutes from PJ) and easy access, we will definately visit it quite often in the near future. The place is well-maintained and considerable clean, except for some monkeys terrorizing through the dustbin and attempting to steal the visitors' snacks. Nonetheless, visitors are require to paid Rm2 per car and Rm1 per person for entry, thus they do have cleaners there working diligently. Public toilet is Rm0.50 per entry.

Rainforest Canopy @ Hutan Lipur Sg. Kanching
If you are travelling from KL, please be reminded to make the U-turn at the 1st traffic light once entering Rawang town. The Hutan Lipur Kanching will be on your left, do not mistaken it for other entries into the Templer Park.

The Kanching Waterfall is famous for its total of 7 levels of waterfalls. At the 3rd and 4th level there are man-made pools for you to swim in and also the most packed with visitors. We feel that the best spot is at the 5th level and usually is vacant as well. Here we were attempting with the dreamy waterfall effect.

Level 5 @ Kanching Waterfall
The park is haven for monkeys. They usually start their feeding activities around 10am onwards. Is easy to get some really nice of shots of them, as they are almost everywhere.

Female monkey nursing the young
Becareful with your belongings while you are there. Watch out for those mischievous monkeys.