Friday, December 31, 2010

Bukit Tinggi @ New Year Eve

It was the New Year Eve, PaccoMobile decided to head out to Bukit Tinggi. We travelled 1.5hr by using North-South Highway to reach Bukit Tinggi. The direction is quite straight forward. Once you passed the exit to Genting Highland and then the Genting tunnel, lookout for the Bukit Tinggi exit. From there onwards, is hard to lost your way.

There is a tol-like booth on our way of entry and we paid an entrance fee of RM12 per adult. According to my previous surveyed, it supposed to be RM10. We decided to check out the Colmar Tropicale first before moving to Japanese Village. It ended up to be the right choice.

Colmar Tropicale

The French-themed resort looks appealing and couple with the cooling environment, you feels as if you're away from Malaysia for a moment.  There are 2 pairs of black and white swans paddling around by the small pond that added a sense of serenity. However, didn't manage to capture any decent photo of those swans, as their aren't really cooperative. Nevertheless, we came across an agile monkey in the course of stealing breads from the kitchen.

Monkey in action
We then boarded the free shuttle truck from Colmar Tropicale to Japanese Village. On the way itself, we noticed if you were to drive your way to Japanese Village, their parking is quite far away from the garden itself and you will have to hike up a long path. Therefore, you are advise to park your car at Colmar Tropicale and get the shuttle service instead.

Japanese Village
The mentioned of Japanese definitely included the present of Koi. There were many of them, including some mini man-made waterfalls. The renting of Kimono cost RM20, and we decided to skip that. There were several middle aged men with their enormous zooming lens parking around the garden, nonetheless anticipating the appearance of exotic birds. We were only equip with 18-105mm, so forget about chasing after flying birds.

The Botanical Garden is at close proximity to Japanese Village. There are many colorfuls flower due to the cooling weather that enable them to blossom beautifully. If you have an eye for details, you will manage to spot many insects around.

Botanical Garden @ Japanese Village
There aren't any exciting activity to be done at Bukit Tinggi, unless you are into golf and horse riding. But we did  enjoyed the cool weather and admiring the nature beauty. Will definitely come back soon. Hope they don't increase the entrance fee anymore.