Friday, November 19, 2010

Cameron Highland @ 17-19 Nov

PaccoMobile performance was tested to its limit during the journey to the Cameron Highland. We opt for the Tapah road as is much more nearer and we are eager to experience the excitement of driving along the winding road. According to majority review, Simpang Pulai road are much wider, but steeper too.

During this monsoon season, it was mostly raining during the 3 days we were there. But we still manage to enjoy during the interval while it stop. We stayed at the KRS Guest House at Tanah Rata for Rm45 per night. The room is clean and simple with hot water shower, but the surrounding doesn't look appealing with construction work next to it. The road was muddy and fill with potholes. On the first night, we enjoyed a self-prepared BBQ under drizzling rain.

Most of our exploring activities was done on Day 2 of our visit. Our attempt to watch the sunrise was unsuccessful due to heavy rain in the early morning. Will have to keep in mind not to visit Cameron Highland during the monsoon next year.

Cactus Point @ Brinchang
We visited so many farms till is hard to keep track of those farms' name. Among the one that we remember are The Big Red Strawberry Farm, Kea Farm, Bee Farm and Boh Tea Plantation both as Sg. Palas and Habu.

The Big Red Strawberry Farm @ Brinchang

Highlight of the night at Cameron Highland would be the Brinchang Night Market. You would see plenty of hawkers selling strawberry, corn, strawberry, corn, .......

Brinchang Night Market

On our last day, we went to the second Boh Tea Plantation visit at Habu. Upon reaching, we experience a thick midst and while climbing up to the look-out point it starting to rain. Nonetheless, we completed the climb and took some really misty photos from the peak. The Boh Tea Plantation at Sg. Palas was quite dissapointing because all you got is just the fancy cafe and gallery.

Boh Tea Plantations @ Habu, Fairlie Tea Garden