Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Dark Cave Expedition @ Batu Caves

21 April 2007
Last Saturday, I joined Jo, Pey Shy and a group of their friends for a cave expedition at Batu Caves. This was my second cave experience, the previous was at Gua Tempurung, two years ago. I reached the destination around 9.30am. Jo was so obsesseed with feeding bananas to the monkeys that you bought them a whole bunch to be fed.

~ Obedience training with the monkeys ? ~

While waiting for other members to arrive, we take the opportunity to snap some pictures around with the splendic view.

~ The great golden statue ~

~ Before entering the cave ~

Before we start caving, our tour guide, Mr. Jaya showed us some of the basic principles of caving, such as teamwork, safety precaution and the correct crawling method. He laid down flat and taught us how to crawl like a worm! Initially, I thought he must be joking, but later, we found out that it was no a joke afterall.

~ During the pre-brefing ~
~ Urh! Its so difficult to squeeze my body out ~

~ Finally, manage to crawl out safe and sound ~

~ After crawling, is sliding time. I'm eagerly waiting for my turn ~

~ Pey Shy turn to slide ~

~ At last, smooth walking ~

After crawling through the holes, climbing steep path and sliding down, we manage to had a rest and enjoy some of the beautiful scenery.

~ Scenic view ~

~ A group picture inside the cave ~

Basically, the difficulty level was almost the same, but this time we got much more crawling to do, thus resulting in a much dirtier and muddier condition. While we are trying to complete the journey, my whole body started to get itching and couldn't wait for a good bath.

~ After the adventure ~